How to be a stress free & happy bride!

Hello and welcome to another wedding blog Saturday!

Today I would like to share a few tricks to keep you as relaxed and stress free as possible.

Wedding planning is tough. You want it all to be perfect but know you cannot do it all by yourself. Avoid stressing out by reminding yourself that it is a happy day and the most important thing is a happy bride!

Here are a few tips to keep you relaxed during your stressful planning period:

1) Take a relaxing bath. Don’t underestimate the power of a hot bath. Put on some nice music, light some candles and think of absolutely nothing. Keeping your mind clear and focusing on yourself and the actual moment is the key to releasing stress.

2) If you feel like you’ve had a rough day and nothing can cheer you up sit in a comfortable position and think of romantic moments of you and your future husband. How you’ve met or what makes you smile. That’s what it is all about. Never forget that.

3) Write things down. I’ve been wanting to do this for months and I wish I had started earlier! Get yourself a journal and write down your wedding planning experience. What are you feeling? How is it all going? Once you’ve written down your troubles you will feel relieved. Also write down the things that made you happy and the successful moments. After your wedding is over you will be able to reread these moments and realise that most things weren’t stressful at all!

4) Go on dates with your fiance. These are the last few months you will have as an unmarried couple. Enjoy them! Rather than being sad or troubled about things that might not work out you should be happy. You’ve found the love of your life! 

5) Don’t listen to what others have to say. If people are negative or want to put your ideas down then shake it off! You cannot please everyone and your taste might be different to theirs. Just because they would do things differently doesn’t make your wedding any less good. We are all unique. Do what suits you best. 

6) Talk about it. A problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or show your emotions. Your family and friends love you and will help you if you let them. If you feel like you need professional advice, hire a wedding planner. This way you and your family can sit back, relax and enjoy your special day!

‘Til then be kind to one another.

VJ xx

Images: Pinterst