I’d rather be sick now, than in 8 weeks time…


Oh have I been slack.

It’s been too long to think of an appropriate excuse of why I haven’t posted a blog in such a long time!

BUT in my defense I started a new job as an Interior Architecture Intern and have been working 60hrs a week with no time for myself. So the only time I could find is now – the time when I am home sick.

Well if we look at it from the bright side, I’m getting married in 8 weeks. First up I cannot even understand where the past 3 months went. But here I am. 8 weeks to go and I’m starting to get nervous because a few major things are still to be organised. And with all the time trouble I am hoping for a window where I can get it all done. Sooooo being sick is not really a bad thing. I get to sit in bed and make lists of what needs to be done to ensure I won’t forget anything. After all this is going to be my dream day.

I know ladies – we’ve heard it all before. ‘There is no such thing as the perfect wedding. Things will always end up getting messed up somehow…’ Well yes, but if I try then maybe a few things will not get messed up. I am well prepared for the upcoming disasters which I won’t be able to control. I am ok with that. But if I don’t forget my gold/white striped straws or candle sticks now, it is one less thing to worry about.

Alrighty then. Let’s get on with it.

Be kind to one another.

VJ xx