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Top Weddings #3: DIY & Budget

Hi everyone and welcome to wedding blog Saturday!

Today I would like to talk about DIY & budget weddings. Rose McGowan’s wedding (remember the three witches from ‘Charmed’ – she played Paige) has always been in my top list. It is different and creative.

But let’s rewind a bit…

Times have always been tough. I don’t believe that there has ever been an economy where absolutely everyone was treated equally and no one had hard times. Everyone is different and life’s circumstances have varied over centuries. One thing however will always stay the same. We all want love.

When we’ve found it and a wedding date has been set, budget plans are in order. Rule number one is and will always be: set your budget. Know how much you want to spend and stick to it. You can get carried away quite easily and your total bill will be up the roof in no time. Try to include everything you can think of. From the socks for the suit right through to your honeymoon. There is no point in trying to cut your number, by deducting things you won’t need on your actual day. Although you might be able to reuse a few items you still have to buy them up front.

So think about your overall package and then try to sort them by importance. Do you want an expensive dress? Then you may have to cut down on something else, such as your car or other transportation. If you want a really fancy dinner, then maybe hire a DJ instead of the string quartet. Get the point? Here are a few tips to differentiate between important and not so important things:

1) Your dress. Don’t sell yourself short on your dress. It’s the one thing that everyone, even the curious guys across the street, will look at. And they will judge it! I’m not saying that you should go all out and spend 10k on a Vera Wang. There are plenty of budget options. You don’t have to buy a designer dress. There is nothing from with dresses from last season which might be on sale. If you have a long engagement, shop around, you’ve got plenty of time. Another option would be to get one custom made. You will get exactly what you want and if you choose your fabrics right, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

2) The opposite to your dress is your underwear. Yes you will need something to match your dress, but please don’t let your bra straps show. Pick something simple. This way you can always wear it again. If you want to buy something special for your husband, get a nice set of lingerie for after the wedding. 😉

3) Cake & flowers vs. photography. You’ve eaten your cake and your flowers have wilted just a day after your wedding. Your photos however will last a life time. Think about what is more important to you here. There are so many great cake inspirations out there but the cake is not the most important thing. If you want to safe a bit of money, get a smaller cake or something as simple as cupcakes. Same goes with your flowers. There is nothing wrong with putting together the centre pieces or your bouquet yourself. You can also reuse your ceremony flowers. Just put them on the dinner tables after. But please don’t cheapen out on your photos. Aunt Helen might have a DSLR, but her having a fancy camera doesn’t automatically make her a good photographer. Your family members and guests are there to celebrate and not to work. If you can’t afford a professional, hire a student photographer or someone who is just starting out and wants to increase their portfolio. They will appreciate you giving them a chance and who knows they might give you your dream photos!

There are so many options and fun DIY projects. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. There is nothing from with being creative. If Rose McGowan can be part of her big day and do things differently, so can you! She didn’t have a fancy hairstyle or a five tier wedding cake. She even did her own makeup!

Remember, you don’t have to explain yourself. It’s your day. Have fun and enjoy every moment of it!

Wedding planning, tips, budget weddings, do it yourself projects, diy

Wedding planning, tips, budget weddings, do it yourself projects, diy

“…My advice would be to have fun and get your hands dirty. Ask for things that are unique to you and your intended. The florists (who were awesome) had never done a Chuppah or bouquet like my design. The string trio had never done a processional song like mine. Creative challenges are a good thing. People will rise to the occasion. Don’t be afraid to trust your own taste and to challenge what doesn’t feel right. You don’t have to do what others do. Leave the typical wedding greatest hits to others. Be imaginative creating your world, because on that day it is YOUR world. A world of magic and love and inclusiveness and beauty and FUN!”

Click here for Rose’s fabulous and unique wedding Part One. And here for Part Two.

‘Til then be kind to one another.

VJ xx

Images: Callaway Gable | Green Wedding Shoes


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