Mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding

Welcome to another Saturday wedding blog! I know it’s not Saturday anymore, but I had a really busy day and hey – it’s still Saturday somewhere in the world!

So let’s start. As a busy bride there are millions of things we need to remember. Planning is crucial, but sadly sometimes all these things can stress us out a little and mistakes happen. Here is a list of some things that help you avoid those disasters.

1. So many brides have told us this – don’t get influenced by the fancy pants stereotypical things. It’s your day! If you want a pool party, why the hell not?! You don’t have to be traditional, you don’t have to marry in white or go on your honeymoon straight after dinner. Enjoy yourself. You’re celebrating the love between you and your significant other – anything is possible.

2. I know we all get carried away with our Pinterest boards. I know I do. But let’s not forget that most of these gorgeous photos are from high budget weddings. Of course they look fabulous. If your budget is unlimited then go for it, but if it isn’t, don’t be sad if things don’t end up looking like your dream boards. It’s ok to stick to a realistic budget.

3. Venue. Having a venue with a fantastic view is great. But if you’re planning on starting your reception in the late afternoon or at night time, that view will be gone because the sun has probably set by then. Also try to think of the number of guests you are planning to invite. Unused space will still have to be paid for and a huge room with 30 people looks ridiculous. Be smart here.

4. That leads me to the next point. Guest list. Who to invite? I know it’s hard once you start brainstorming. If you invite this person, then you have to invite that person too. Says who?! You DO NOT have to explain yourself. It’s your wedding and you’re paying. I wouldn’t exclude someone’s wife or husband simply because you don’t like them. That’s not what I mean, but if your forever single cousin has started dating yet another new girl and you know she will be replaced in a month, then don’t force yourself to invite this person. Same goes with work mates. Yes you see them every day but are they close enough to you to spend $150 on? Try a ‘work bridal shower’ or go and have coffee with them. I’m sure they will understand.

5. Music. I know it sounds romantic to have a harp or guitar solo playing while walking down the aisle, but musicians can be expensive. For budget brides pick a song on a CD. When the time comes, you won’t be looking at the musician. You will be busy admiring your gorgeous husband. Same goes with bands. An affordable alternative is a great DJ. Keyword great. If you have no idea what his work is like you’re better off going through the effort of creating your own playlist – with songs you know you will love – rather than having to sit through your party with no entertainment because your DJ is hopeless. Do your homework. Music can make or break your party.

6. Photographer. It’s either one of the first or last things you will think about. Having fantastic photos of your big day may not seem as important now, but in a few years it will be the only thing that lets you remember details about your wedding. It sounds great to hire a cheap photographer, but quantity is not always quality. Invest in those memories. You won’t get a second chance to relive them.

If you are a photographer like I am, you already know how hard it is to find someone that lives up to your expectations. I’ve got a great little trick for you that I just recently came across. Regardless of whether you are hiring an expensive or affordable photographer on your wedding day – choose another day after the wedding and gussy yourself up again. Pick a great location and take some photos of yourself and your husband/wife. Don’t believe me? Here is proof: http://davidcampbellimagery.com/2014/01/deathvalleywedding.html

This great photographer gave it a shot and took photos of him and his wife. They took turns in photographing or used a tripod. Great idea if you ask me. No stress, super fun and you get to wear your dress again!

7. Money you will forget you have to spend: Things like flowers or postage for your invites is easily forgotten. How will you get your Thank You cards to your guests? Remember that flowers can get expensive, especially if you are set on a specific type that isn’t in season. Another thing is your wedding cake. Cakes can be as much as a wedding band and yet you don’t want to miss out on it. Change of name is another thing. Those bureaucratic document changes are painful and expensive. Be prepared.

8. Don’t forget to include breaks and snacks. Your guests will be on their feet just as long as you. They are just as hungry and tired when too much is planned. Nervous brides sometimes forget to include little snacks throughout the day. Especially during the time when you get your portraits taken. Let your guests know what is happening. Let them go for a walk or do their own thing for those couple hours while you’re away. You don’t have to entertain them. There will be enough party later on.

9. Inviting guests to the ceremony but not the reception is just cruel. How would you feel if you’re invited to the ceremony but have to go home straight after? You know you will bring a gift – it’s just manners. Knowing that you’re however excluded from the party fun is unfair. Only invite those who are allowed to attend both. Even if your guest list will be smaller.

10. Find out about your marriage document requirements in plenty of time ahead. This is very important if you’re planning a destination wedding. Some countries require witnesses or registration and other important things.

In the end the most important thing is HAVE FUN. Enjoy this special time in your life. Don’t get stressed out. Get help or hire a wedding planner (they don’t have to be expensive) and just do what makes you happy.

VJ xx

Image Source: Pinterest | http://www.stylemepretty.com/gallery/gallery/18214/


3 thoughts on “Mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding”

  1. Awesome Tips to consider!

    My only suggestion is the hyperlink to David’s page (although awesome photos) didn’t open up a new tab.Takes you off this article– just thought I would let you know


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