The key to happiness

Why are we unhappy? I mean are we unhappy?

When I look at the current situation in shops and shopping centres, even supermarkets, I see a large amount of customers that waddle around looking for the perfect something to get their loved ones. Yes you know what I am talking about. It’s Christmas time. The time of joy and love. Well actually from my observation it looks more like the time of empty bank accounts and frustrated faces that circle around the registers transforming into mean and inconsiderate zombies. Am I overdoing it a bit? Perhaps. There may be some people left who don’t get their knickers in a knot when it comes to this subject. But it’s not just about the difficulty of finding a gift or about the long waiting lines or the overworked sales assistant. It’s about much more.

Why do we go through this? Why are we unsatisfied with the content that reveales itself after we unwrapped the beautiful and overpriced ribbon and wrapping on Christmas Day? Easy. Our expectations are too high.

“But I wanted green ones…. But I wished for a bigger one… It’s not the same as this…” See the fake smile? Hear the forced ‘thank you it’s lovely’? Good lord, are you serious? This person almost died in the shop to get you this! Appreciate it! Ok well that’s not really the answer, far from it.

To find the key to happiness we need to figure out the source and cause of our unhappiness. Which things influences us the most? Who tells us what to think? Don’t tell me you’re different and aren’t part of this brainwashed group of idiots. Surely I am too. If I look at my living room I can see multiple devices that came from a company that has the same name as the thing that ‘keeps the doctor away’ if you eat one once a day. Things like ‘better, stronger, smarter, thinner, sexier, or faster’ suck themselves onto our image of happiness and transform it as if it was ‘fixable’ with materialistic things.

You need nothing, nothing but one thing that will not only make you the richest but also happiest person on earth. And that thing is called love. If you love you don’t hate. You don’t fight. You don’t fall into greed or revenge or jealousy. If you love you create harmony and peace. You love your parent or partner right? Prove enough that you would never hurt them or judge them or want to make them upset. You accept them just the way they are with all their faults and flaws. Because you love. You are happy with what you’ve got. You wouldn’t want to change them for the world. Because you appreciate it.

So love what you have. Look at what things are in your home under your possession. And you will see that there is nothing you haven’t got. This collection can only get bigger, but never better or make you happier. If you find your inner love you will share it. Trust me, it’s contacious.

Be be kind to one another.

VJ xx


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